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Reading Your Fluid Analysis Reports

Determining The Sample By The Report Name

EO-Vin Number:

Engine Oil

EC-Vin Number:

Engine Coolant

T-Vin Number:

Transmission Fluid

GO-Vin Number:

Generator Oil

GC-Vin Number:

Generator Coolant

Severity Of The Sample


Element levels are below the threshold.


Consider testing again before next fluid change to check trends.


Change fluids and test at regular intervals to observe trends.

MH=Moderate High

The element levels are high and should be considered before purchase.


The element levels are severe and should be considered before purchase.

Find Out Where Those Elements In Your Fluid Analysis Come From



Aluminum (Al):

Bearings - Bushings - Blocks - Pistons - Blowers - Pumps - Clutches - Washers - Ingested Dirt

Barium (Ba):

Detergent / Dispersant Additive

Boron (B):

Coolant Additive - EP Additive

Cadmium (Cd):

Coating on Metals

Calcium (Ca):

Detergent / Dispersant Additive - Salt Water - Road Salt

Chromium (Cr):

Bearings - Rings - Rollers - Liners - Exhaust Valves - Seals - Shafts - Coolant Treatment

Copper (Cu):

Bearings - Bushings - Washers - Pumps - Gears - Antiwear Additive

Iron (Fe):

Blocks - Bearing - Cylinders - Pumps - Liners - Gears - Pistons - Rings - Discs - Shafts - Screws - Valves

Lead (Pb):

Bearings - Additive

Magnesium (Mg):

Hard Water - Detergent / Dispersant Additive

Manganese (Mn):

Detergent Additive

Molybdenum (Mo):

Rings - Friction Modifier - Antiwear Additive

Nickel (Ni):

Bearings - Valves - Shafts

Phosphorus (P):

Antiwear Additive

Silicon (Si):

Seals - Gaskets - Ingested Dirt - Coolant Additive - Antifoaming Additive

Tin (Sn):

Bearing - Bushings - Pistons

Titanium (Ti):

Turbine Blades - Compressor Discs - Bearing Hubs

Vanadium (V):

Valves - Coating on Metals

Zinc (Zn):

Antiwear / Inhibitor Additive

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