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NRVIA Master Certified RV Inspection Florida

RV Inspection Certification

When the dealership you are buying an RV from gives you all kinds of reasons to not get a 3rd party inspection, ask them to provide the RV Inspection Certifications that their PDI tech has.  They may not have any certifications just on-the-job training.  Also ask to see a sample copy of one of their PDI.  Here is a link to sample RV inspection reports we provide to you the same day as the inspection.

We are constantly training to get better at our craft even though we are NRVIA Master Certified RV Inspectors! There are currently no other NRVIA Master Certified RV Inspectors in the state of Florida.  If your inspector tells you they are Master Inspectors, ask to see the Master Certification Certificates like the ones below.

NRVIA Master Certified RV Inspector
NRVIA Master Certified RV Inspector
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