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RV Inspection Service Checklist

All inspections start at 9am and will last a minimum of 5 hours.

Inspection reports are typically delivered the SAME day, barring any travel or computer/technology issues.

Inspections CANNOT be performed while repairs are being made, while the RV is being detailed or during times when walk-throughs are scheduled.

--- Adequate Space ---

  • To extend and retract ALL slide-out rooms and awnings.
  • To SAFELY move a ladder around the RV.

--- RV Refrigerator ---

  • RV type must be powered ON at least 12 hours prior to inspection time.

--- RV Propane ---

  • Tanks at least ½ full.

--- Fuel To Test RV Generator ---

  • RV fuel at least ½ full.

--- RV Hookups ---

  • Shore power supply – 50A or 30A (110v house power is NOT appropriate).
  • City water connection – if unavailable, the freshwater tank MUST be FULL .
  • Dewinterization MUST be performed prior to inspection time.
  • Wastewater / Sewer hookups – preferred but not required.

--- RV Keys And Personal Contents ---

  • Personal contents should be removed from ALL areas, including:
  • Exterior storage bays AND interior cabinets and closets.
  • Linens on beds and furniture covers MUST be removed.
  • KEYS to all areas MUST be available:
  • Entrance doors, cargo bays, fuel doors and ignition (if applicable)
  • Wheel covers MUST be removed.

We prefer to consult with our clients the SAME evening of the RV inspection to discuss our findings and introduce the Project List feature included with our software so that RV repairs can be negotiated the following business day.

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