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23:52 16 Jun 24
We ordered a new 2024 RV straight from the factory and still decided to have Jason and Lisa perform an inspection prior to us taking delivery. You would think that something coming out of the factory Q/A process and dealership PDI wouldn’t have any discrepancies but these units are built by humans and we all make mistakes and lose focus from time to time.I am glad we decided to have the inspection performed as Jason and Lisa found a few things that I may not have noticed if we picked it up ourselves. Nothing too bad, but we wouldn’t have known until sometime later and then would have to return the unit for warranty work.Well worth the money for the peace of mind that everything has been properly vetted. The report they provided with pictures and video was EXTREMELY thorough and was just like the one you would expect from a reputable home inspector. They even had software to pare down the list of issues from the report to a repair request to submit to the dealer so they knew exactly what needed to be fixed.Do yourself a favor and hire Jason and Lisa to inspect your RV before you accept it. You will be glad you did.
Rick PallissoRick Pallisso
18:31 14 Jun 24
We recently hired My RV Inspection to check out a new RV we were buying from a dealer. Of course, the dealer said we did not have to spend money on that as they had their own inspectors and the RV would go through several "inspections" prior to delivery. Well folks, I am glad I didn't listen and hired Jason.The dealer made it incredibly difficult for Jason to look at the RV, making him wait almost 3 hours. Hmmm.....isn't that odd? Jason and My RV Inspection were professional, detailed and found several things the dealer was going to try and slide past us. Honestly, we wouldn't have caught them so very glad we hired a professional. The report submitted THAT NIGHT was extensive, detailed and much more than expected. Yes, the price is steep, but when you're spending your hard earned money, 50k, 60k, 70k or even over 100k you want to make sure you're getting something that isn't going to have issues from day one.Once we had the report in hand we went back to the dealer and said we weren't signing anything until what was found by My RV Inspection was corrected/fixed. Oh boy....I'll tell you what, the dealer sure fixed everything right!I can't say enough about this company, I would totally use them again and WILL use them again (hopefully not for another 10 years!) but if you are buying new OR used, spend a few extra bucks and get an inspection by a Master Certified Inspector. It'll be the best money you can spend at the beginning. Thanks Jason for the peace of mind in knowing that on day one our rig was in top shape (after dealers repairs). Great company, great people, enough said!
23:35 05 Jun 24
Jason and Lisa did an incredible job with the inspection on the 2019 Entegra Anthem that we ended up purchasing. Fortunately our coach was in good shape but they found some small items I wouldn’t have noticed for awhile, but thanks to them we had a detailed list to give our dealer and all the items were fixed. One item which raised some concern was flickering lights. Our dealer replaced all the coach batteries and repaired lights that were out. I can’t thank Jason and Lisa enough, they were so professional and very organized. Their report was amazing and their option to make a check list for the dealer was spectacular. I have owned Class A coaches for over 40 years now but I would never buy without professional inspectors like Jason and Lisa. I highly recommend their service. It also helps to have a good dealer and we had Giant Recreation World, Sean Hauck. Great bunch of people. Thank you all.
Eddie FlackEddie Flack
13:01 05 Jun 24
Jason was great, very knowledgeable with RV's. He took the time to go through a few questions i had and I was very impressed with his report. it was so easy to review then pass it along to the dealership.
Rick FarrellRick Farrell
12:44 13 Apr 24
Buying a used motorhome can be risky and result in unpleasant and expensive surprises. Getting a thorough inspection is extremely important to minimize the surprises and the risks. Scheduling the inspection was very little effort. The inspection was as thorough as it could be. The results were easy to understand with a written report and the availability of the inspection team to discuss it on the phone. The actual condition of the motorhome was just as described in the inspection report. My inspection took about 8 hours to complete. Some places call their one hour walk around an inspection. Be aware of what you are getting.
Highly Recommend. They did a very thorough inspection of my new Class A motorhome so that all issues could be repaired before I took delivery. The report was provided within 24 hours of the inspection.
Cyndy ECyndy E
13:02 08 Mar 24
Gregory SchwobGregory Schwob
17:03 20 Feb 24
Jason and his partner conducted a very thorough inspection of the RV we intended to purchase. We couldn't have been more pleased with the detailed results that he provided.
Ken LynnKen Lynn
14:39 13 Jan 24
Ken MahlerKen Mahler
15:35 21 Dec 23
5-star experience. Very responsive and professional. Spent 6-7 hours inspecting my potential purchase, inspected nearly 300 attributes and delivered a very complete and full report with photos, videos and detailed inspection methods and results. This is a very valuable and important tool for any RV purchase and well worth the cost. Highly recommend and would use again
Dan MurphyDan Murphy
16:07 06 Dec 23
I seldom write reviews, but I am for this because I had an exceptional experience that saved me from owning a lemon that I believe would have cost me thousands more in repairs later. I contacted Justin Carletti with My RV Inspection to perform an inspection on a new 2023 Tiffin Allegro Bus. Jason performed the inspection and found several significant issues, one related to potential major water intrusion into a slide wall, two separate diagnostic faults with the words “short circuit” in the text, the air tag and automatic leveling system were not functioning, and none of the solar panels on the roof were connected. There was also another 10-15 minor issues that were found. It appears the dealer did not perform a PDI. I passed on this MH, which cost me my deposit. (This is another discussion about dealer behaviors when inspections have this many major issues, as they felt that they “solved” all of the inspection issues, such as simply “clearing the faults codes” as the solution to the two “short circuit” faults and claiming that this was standard practice.)I found a second MH, a 202 Newmar Dutch Star 4369, at a separate dealer and once again asked Jason to perform the inspection. The result of this inspection was markedly different in that there were only 5 minor issues, and one issue with the diamond shield on the front of the MH was already noted and a fix was scheduled with the dealer. The remaining issues were quickly resolved the next day. When I did the walk through with the dealer on the delivery date, the dealer’s representative noted two other minor items that they wanted to fix before we left the lot. This dealer “gets it” when it comes to customer service and respecting the customer.If I decide to purchase another MH in the future, I know with absolute certainty that I will ask for Jason to be my inspector and I will purchase from the second dealer. They both have me as a lifelong customer.
Charles KirklandCharles Kirkland
17:40 22 Nov 23
They saved me big time. Not just money but tons of time. They found the hidden problems, delamination, poor repairs, and water intrusion. We were sad to not buy the very beautiful 5th wheel and supper happy we don't have to spend tens of thousands and years fixing it.
13:52 08 Nov 23
On time, thorough, direct checklist to have ready before inspection. More in depth and lengthy than a home inspection.
Danny JimenoDanny Jimeno
14:09 31 Aug 23
daniel egandaniel egan
13:53 24 Aug 23
I called Jason at My RV Inspection and asked him to perform an inspection on a motorhome we were purchasing. His response was very quick and he explained what I neded to do on his website to order the inspection. Jason showed up on time and completed an extremely thorough inpsection as promised. The inspection report was available the evening of the inpsection and I had 2 followup calls with Jason so he could explain the items in his report, he was very patient and explained the report and answered all of my question. I had a very good experience with My Rv Inspection.
dannie raydannie ray
14:06 22 Aug 23
Very detailedGreat communication
Linda RoseLinda Rose
14:58 21 Aug 23
The smartest thing you can do is to hire MY RV Inspection before you buy a new or used RV. They are well worth the $ spent. Scheduling was quick and easy. They are very customer service orientated and explain in detail what their service provides and respond quickly to questions or concerns. What I also liked is during the inspection they kept me apprised of any major things they came across and even let me know of a couple of minor things. Thanks to their very detailed report I was able to make an informed decision about the used RV I was looking at purchasing. Best money ever spent for peace of mind. I would definitely use their service again and strongly recommend everyone looking to purchase an RV give them a call. You will be glad you did.
Chris CoxChris Cox
10:10 01 Aug 23
Great experience and highly recommended!Jason and Lisa were very engaged and informative throughout the inspection process. Highly recommend seeking a qualified service such as this if you are in the market for any RV.
John CronenbergJohn Cronenberg
13:03 22 Jul 23
Very professional and prompt! Do not trust dealerships use Jason or Lisa to have your inspection done.
Papo BorreroPapo Borrero
18:27 21 Jul 23
The Carletti's (my RV inspection) through their inspection and inspection report made it easy for us to make an informed decision not purchase a motorhome that would have resulted in $1000s in repairs resulting from a de-lamination issues. I have already used my Rv inspections to find another inspector in another market for another RV inspection.
Frank FincherFrank Fincher
17:51 06 Jul 23
They kept me from buying an RV that required more work than I am able to take on. It was the best choice I have made.
Michael KruegerMichael Krueger
13:58 25 May 23
They performed an RV inspection of our 2021 Newmar Dutch Star 3709. They excited our expectations. Even the dealer where we purchased the coach was impressed with the level of detail in the inspection. Upon completion of the inspection they provided a bunch list which we sent to the dealer informing them of the items that needed to be fixed before we purchased the coach. This was our first Class A purchase and their inspection gave us the confidence to move forward with the purchase.
Annemarie BraunAnnemarie Braun
23:03 28 Feb 23
He made a complete RV inspection we are very satisfied with his work!! Worth every cent,resonal price, because it saved us a lot of trouble! They made pictures and a list of all issues found so we could sent it to the RV dealer.Fast and easy online appointmentJason stays in touch with you the hole time.
Joel MinerJoel Miner
15:58 29 Jan 23
We were purchasing a 6 month old luxury motorhome in South Florida from a private party and we live in Southern California. We were paying a price for the motorhome that was not too much below what a brand new coach would have cost, so we wanted to know the coach was in near new condition before we hopped on a plane. Jason spent the better part of a day inspecting the coach and only found a few issues. His report was very comprehensive and easy to read. When I supplemented the report with a phone call with Jason, I felt confident enough to hop on that plane. We have now had a chance to drive the coach across the country and spend 10 nights in it. So far, the report has been spot on.
cheryl holbrookcheryl holbrook
20:59 16 Dec 22
I called to schedule an independent inspection of a 5th wheel that we were purchasing. I was able to obtain an appointment within a week and the price was reasonable considering the thourough inspection that would be performed. Jason was on time and spent over 4 hours going over the unit. We met up with him at the dealership and he gave us an overview of what he found. Later that day he sent me a detailed report complete with pictures, pointing out each issue he found. I was able to send that report to the dealership so all outstanding issues could be addressed. I am certain that if we had not hired Jason, most of the issues he found would not have been found and fixed if we left the inspection solely up to the dealership. Jason was worth every penny and gave us peace of mind regarding our purchase.
Amanda SheetsAmanda Sheets
05:38 11 Nov 22
My RV Inspection performed a very thorough inspection on my new motorhome. I have never owned a motorhome, so I wanted an expert to be able to review it for any red flags or problems that I would not know to look for. The communication was great during the entire process. There were even some weather related issues regarding my inspection time (hurricane came through town), but rescheduling the inspection was unexpectedly quick. The report itself was extremely useful and very thorough. It even included the ability to create lists for repairs. I also purchased a fluid analysis which I thought was well worth the money to ensure peace of mind. I would highly recommend My RV Inspection to help me with ensuring the safety of my next RV as well.
Bill BrownlowBill Brownlow
14:06 01 Aug 22
I hired My RV Inspection to inspect a "new - to - me" late model class A gas RV, and I would be happy to recommend them to anyone. They were a pleasure to deal with, provided a detailed report of their findings, and were available for questions. Based on the report findings, I decided NOT to purchase the RV in question, but continue my look. I will hire them again to inspect the next RV I consider purchasing. The quality of the report I received convinced me that some $ up front is well worth avoiding big $$ down the road on issues not observed by the untrained eye.
Darren GosbeeDarren Gosbee
15:24 05 Jul 22
I live in Illinois and I used 'My RV Inspection' to inspect an RV I was looking to purchase in Tampa, Florida. I found these folks through an internet search. I was easily able to schedule and pay for the inspection online and I received the report on the same day as the inspection. Any questions I had were resolved during a follow up call later that evening. I did purchase the RV and I found the report to be accurate with no omissions. The price, quality and level of service I received was excellent and I would recommend these folks to anyone looking to inspect an RV before purchasing.
Great Job by MYRVinspections. Communication was flawless and they did a thorough job. The report was detailed and precise. So much so that we decided not purchasing the RV we were pursuing.
Darren NardozziDarren Nardozzi
18:01 18 Jun 22
Even though we were buying a new Thor Delano, Jason found a host of issues from screws missing to sealant not finished around windows and roof vents, and a slide seal needed to be replace that was installed incorrectly. Also Jason gave suggestions on other items that need attention not broken but needed adjustments. Jason's report was a very valuable tool when arriving to purchase our Rv. The Dealership fixed all the items and ordered in the other parts needed. His expertise in the field gave us peace of mine in this purchase. Well worth the cost to have this service done.
Catherine DyerCatherine Dyer
13:48 08 Jun 22
They inspected the RV that we were looking to buy. We wanted to make sure the investment that we were putting our money into was worth it. They did a great job. The only thing that was a bit much was the price. Our home inpection was less then this and triple the size.
Trish KruseTrish Kruse
11:15 02 Jun 22
Jason was very thorough. He was methodical and took his time in every area of the coach. when I didn't understand something he was able to explain things to help me understand. I am thrilled that I made the decision to hire him. Based on his report and the fact that the coach was brand new I made the decision to walk away from the sale.
Christine ForestChristine Forest
15:40 26 May 22
Highly recommend. Jason and Lisa responded and scheduled inspection promptly. Jason did a very thorough inspection and report. Even though the dealer will tell you you don't need one as they go through everything, it gave me piece of mind and allowed me to provide dealer with a punch list of items that I wanted repaired or replaced. I was very happy with their services and would use again.
Nicolas MolinaNicolas Molina
14:46 11 May 22
We have a great experience with Jason. He is super knowledgeable and helpful. He pointed out to some problems in the RV that we would have surely missed if not for him being there. I highly recommend his service!
Tuggy. TvTuggy. Tv
21:31 06 Apr 22
I had My RV Inspection inspect the 2017 Forest River Flagstaff travel trailer I was looking to purchase. The setup process on their website was simple to navigate and they showed up promptly and did a thorough inspection on it. I was amazed by the detail of the inspection that was done that even came with a ton of photographs pin pointing any issues he found. It prioritized the issues and put attention on the more serious problems that could have been life threatening. Jason was very professional and patient answering all my questions. I was able to complete my purchase with complete confidence knowing exactly what I was buying.
Jon HortonJon Horton
19:49 06 Apr 22
I used My RV Inspection to inspect a 2017 Forza 34T prior to a purchase decision. The RV was in Florida and I am in Texas. Their website was clear on the process, what to expect, provided example reports that were interactive, provided their credentials and was very easy to navigate. Jason was fast to respond to my phone call when I had questions and was easy to work with on my scheduling needs. Their communication process was fantastic. I received reminders prior to the day. I received a text the day of when they arrived. I received a notice when they finished. They were very thorough. The report and pictures were phenomenal and painted a very accurate picture of the condition of the RV which I verified when I saw the RV in person 2 days later. They covered every aspect of the RV. After they completed the multi hour inspection, they uploaded the report for me to view and encouraged me to call after I reviewed it with questions. When I called, we talked through every item on the report. He was patient and professional with all my questions. I was able to negotiate the price using the information they provided. 5 stars are not enough to rate my experience with them. My money was well spent on hiring them!
Alex FindlayAlex Findlay
16:27 24 Mar 22
The did an RV inspection on a new 5th wheel we bought and uncovered a bunch of stuff that needed to be fixed. Made a huge difference and can’t thank them enough.
Jeffrey LeBaronJeffrey LeBaron
16:06 17 Feb 22
We hired My RV Inspection for a pre-purchase inspection of our brand new 2022 RV prior to finalizing our purchase. They found several issues that needed to be corrected and helped us understand it with a detailed report and photos. They were knowledgeable and helpful even in weeks to follow. Thank you so much!
World Gone WildWorld Gone Wild
13:32 27 Oct 21
We contacted Jason and Lisa for an RV inspection for a tow behind Rv trailer. As certified master home inspector I highly believe in inspections and the value you obtain from them. I found them to be incredibly informative and would highly recommend them to anyone! Thank you guys
Judith Romeo HoganJudith Romeo Hogan
14:56 15 Oct 21
I'm a newbie to RVs, but had heard others say that everybody should get an inspection -- even on new rigs -- before driving it off the lot. I booked an appointment on their website to have my new Grand Design inspected. I didn't need to be there which was good since I'm 2 hours away from the dealer. I thought it was a bit pricey, but it was worth every cent! Jason's inspection was incredibly thorough, and the 95-page report was detailed, but easy to understand for a newbie. Videos of any potential issues and 360's of each room was also included. I was able to use the online tool he provided to create a "repair list" for the dealer of the minor issues that needed addressing. When we upgrade, I will use them again. I highly recommend My RV Inspection service.
Iris ArroyoIris Arroyo
10:28 21 Sep 21
I would like to say that Jason was very thorough in his inspection of the travel trailer. I was very pleased with the inspection. I think the dealership was a little surprised on Jason's 200 page report. We were asked what we wanted fixed that was the most important to us. WELL, we were surprised by that question. Of course we said ALL OF IT. It's a brand new camper. So they have had the camper, making all the repairs. We are supposed to have our walk through today. My list of repairs will be checked first.Thank you so much for being very thorough and also for our conversation after the inspection.
Mark LambertMark Lambert
01:57 26 Jul 21
My RV Inspection went over my new 2021Jayco Seneca Prestige from top to bottom. Jason did a great job. He arrived as promised and delivered his written report as promised. I had Jason come back to do a follow up inspection to make sure the punch list got corrected. Once again he delivered as promised. The dealer said that because this was a new unit that an inspection was not necessary, however, I think it was worth every penny. I would highly recommend My RV Inspection.
John BarkerJohn Barker
00:47 22 Jul 21
My wife and I were interested in a 2016 Winnebago Tour 42QD at La Mesa RV in Fort Meirs, Florida. We were assured by the staff at the RV lot that the coach was in excellent condition and had passed inspection by their staff. We decided to have it professionally inspected before going ahead with the sale.We found Lisa and Jason at "My RV Inspection" via a quick internet search. I still can't believe how lucky we were to find these folks. They were clear and concise about what they were going to check on the coach and wound up checking an amazing amount of items. We had them do the optional liquid checks, and are so glad we did. In the end, they saved us from a horrible mistake. They easily found enough issues with the coach to make our decision easy. I'm sure that the lot could have fixed these issues, but we had no faith we could trust them to do so---we walked (ran) away from the sale.I cannot say enough good things about Lisa and Jason. They are completely professional, completely thorough, and a joy to work with. My wife and I highly recommend their services, and hope that one day we meet them out on the road.P.S. I just read the other reviews from customers and they are all spot on. You should hire these folks and you will gain the confidence you need to make your RV purchase. Thank you Lisa and Jason!
alicia armasalicia armas
17:10 28 Jun 21
We hired this company to inspect our new RV. They did a great job in finding things that were wrong with it so that we could get them repaired under warranty. Had we not hired them, many things would’ve gone undetected. I would highly recommend hiring them. They spent nearly the whole day inspecting the RV at a very reasonable price.
Gail ByersGail Byers
15:40 20 Jun 21
There is nothing I can say negative about my experience with Jason. He is amazing and knowledgeable. He did a full RV Inspection on a 3 yr old rig and found MAJOR issues. He saved me a lot of $$, headache & heart ache. I am using him again for another RV inspection to which he is willing to travel about an another hour to do. You can not go wrong using Jason.
Rhonda DaltonRhonda Dalton
19:07 10 Jun 21
We live in north Georgia and purchased a new Grand Design Solitude RV and RV dealer in Tampa Florida so we needed someone to do a pre-purchase inspection for us prior to coming down to pick it up. My RV Inspection did a fantastic job and found some major items that we were able to have the dealer take care of before beginning our trip. They were easy to work with and provided an comprehensive online report complete with photos that very evening. The software was so user friendly it has an option to create a punch list that we could send directly to our dealer. I highly recommend their service.
Tobias NealTobias Neal
14:13 28 May 21
We are first time RV buyers, and initially we were going to buy through a dealer. However, we stumbled upon a good deal through a broker company. We had never used something like this, and we did not want to make a mistake and buy a unit that needed a ton of repairs. Simply, we did not know what we did not know. So, we started looking around to see if there were inspection companies for this sort of thing. We were told that we could hire a mobile RV mechanic for a few hours of their time, but something about that still did not feel right. Through our search, we came upon this husband and wife owned business. I was taken by their professionalism, the quality of their website, and my interactions with him on the phone. The cost was high for us, BUT I wanted to make sure that I was not making a more costly mistake with buying the RV. They came out and spent close to 7 hours inspecting the RV from head to toe. They took a ton of pictures, several videos, and frankly did a better inspection then even my house inspector. When we got the report, we panicked, because there were so many things listed. However, he told us to call him to go line by line through the report. He told us what needed to be fixed immediately, what was normal wear and tear, and different things we could do to both fix and maintain the things listed. We felt so much better. We took those immediate things back to the seller, and he was more than happy to both fix and adjust the selling price. Honestly, it was worth the cost. We highly recommend them. Cheers!
16:01 23 Apr 21
The My RV Inspection team came through for us, even after a scheduling bungle caused by the dealership. Their report was thorough, well presented and even came with the ability to zero in on specific issues for the dealer to address without overloading them with the entire report. I would definitely hire them again.
Matthew JonesMatthew Jones
13:39 19 Mar 21
MYRVINSPECTION.COM IS THE BEST!!! Jason and Lisa have amazingly in depth knowledge and experience to back it up in RV inspection and repair. We used them to inspect a used RV we almost bought. It looked pretty on the outside and inside. But when they inspected it, several major issues were found among others that no one else had noticed. They also inspected our new unit and found some minor things but now the dealer is fixing those things before we take delivery since Jason and Lisa found them. They always took my calls with questions and answered the phone every time. They are down to earth and have saved us both money and heartache by exposing the truth of the RV we almost bought. We will definitely use them again whenever we buy another RV. Highly recommended!!!
Lynne AshcraftLynne Ashcraft
13:32 10 Mar 21
We hired Jason and Lisa to inspect an RV we were considering purchasing. They spend 5 hours with the vehicle and found things perhaps the owner did not even know. Money well spent as we ultimately didi not purchase this vehicle and all the issues it had. Excellent service.
charles kantorcharles kantor
12:27 28 Feb 21
The My Rv Inspection team did an excellent and thorough job. They found subtle issues that prevented us from purchasing a rig that could have been a disaster. They were extremely professional and were happy to share their expertise. I highly recommend them.
Aaron & Jess FusiekAaron & Jess Fusiek
19:09 24 Feb 21
This inspection was worth every penny. We were first time C Class buyers who were on a tight budget. Due to our price point, we knew we’d be getting an older fixer-upper, so an inspection was a must. After lots of researching , we chose My RV inspection and boy they did not disappoint! Their feedback not only assisted us in negotiating some repairs with the dealership, but we are now prepared with what needs immediate attention. They spent all day at the dealership and the result was an incredibly detailed inspection report. Later that evening, Lisa and Jason spent almost 2 hours on the phone with us reviewing the inspection. Both were incredibly patient with all our newbie questions. Our friends who purchased a brand new rv wished they had taken this extra step, because now they are fighting with the dealership over repairs. Whether we buy new or used in the future, we’ll be calling My RV Inspection!
Tim ConstienTim Constien
17:19 18 Feb 21
We had Jason and Lisa do an inspection of a new RV we were wanting to purchase.What was the seller’s opinion of your choice to have the RV inspected?Lazydays had no objection to having the inspection done and made sure the RV was available for it.Were you able to negotiate on the overall price or the value of repairs? Not really since all the repairs were done before we purchased it.Was the seller amicable about repairing what was found? Yes. I was able to generate a punch list which they went through and completed before we arrived at the dealership.Did you ultimately purchase the RV, or did you end up backing out of the deal? We bought the RV and even had a chance to personally meet Jason before we left as they were inspecting another RV from where we were parked.
20:04 17 Feb 21
Great!! They inspected a out of state RV we are buying. They did a great job, produced a detailed report with photos and gave us simple explanations as to the problem and ways to fix.thiem. After we reviewed report we talked on the phone, no rush discussion with detailed info on issue. Outstanding job.
Michael CliffordMichael Clifford
15:53 03 Feb 21
Jason and Lisa did a fantastic job checking out our potential new camper! They were thorough and spent time later that evening going through the report with us over the phone. They recommended places we could go for repairs and genuinely meant it when they said we should call with any questions. We HIGHLY recommend them!!
Tony BermanTony Berman
12:38 24 Dec 20
We didn't know that RV inspections were a thing until doing some research on our purchase. We are very thankful that we did this and found Jason and Lisa to perform the service. So much so, that we backed out of our RV purchase and am buying elsewhere. They found so many items missed by the PDI process of the seller. We could have bought a lot of headaches had it not been for the thorough and timely inspection by this team. Do your homework and find a solid team like Jason and Lisa, thanks for helping us out!
Kathy WatkinsKathy Watkins
13:25 23 Dec 20
Buying our first RV, we have done a lot of research to be as prepared as we can for a positive experience. Even though we are buying a new RV, we made the smart choice to have our contract contingent on an inspection approved by us. The inspection on our NOBO 19.2 was certainly well worth it. We had a full report with photos and detailed explanation of all of the issues (normal for even a new RV) There were 2 minor, but critical safety issues that needed addressing. After receipt of the report, Jason called me to go over the details and compare them to his extensive experience. Their web site is so easy to check off the items with photos that you can then send to your dealer as a punch list that saved me explaining anything to the dealer. What we paid for the inspection was far less expensive than the items in need of repair, again, many items that we could have never seen with our lack of experience in this area. I recommend this process, and this company enough!
Jessica Schulte WalkerJessica Schulte Walker
20:40 05 Nov 20
They are amazing. Highly recommend if you are buying an RV, used our new. They found about 45 issues on our brand new RV that we would have never found otherwise. Worth every penny!
Scot TaylorScot Taylor
11:22 17 Oct 20
Jason and Lisa provided an excellent report on our RV inspection. Even though this was a new RV, there were still several problems that required attention before we would proceed with the purchase. We were able to create a repair report for the dealer so they could correct the identified problems. Between the details of the write-up and the provided pictures and videos, it was clear what needed to be repaired. We highly recommend My RV Inspection to anyone considering purchasing a new or used RV.
Ron VRon V
17:14 07 Oct 20
We have owned many different types of RV's over the years. As part of our due diligence on the purchase of this 2016 Newmar Dutch Star we read more than one article that stressed the importance of having an independent inspection of the motor home (or any RV) prior to its purchase. From the very first email to their final report, we were impressed with the professional attitude of Jason & Lisa. The most amazing part of the final report for me was the ability to create a "Punch List" of items for the dealership to address of repairs/non-functioning/missing items that were discovered during the inspection. This feature is part of their web site and allows you to enter and print off how you would like the owner/dealership to address the issue. Replace, Repair or Financial compensation. A picture of the item and a brief description is included and allowed for a very professional response from me to the dealership.I must also comment that Jason and Lisa work well as a team. I liked the idea of having more than one set of eyes inspecting the coach! I apologize for long review. They are an amazing team and you will not be disappointed.Ron V.
Annika KiellandAnnika Kielland
22:11 02 Sep 20
FULL RV INSPECTION - PRE PURCHASEI contacted and spoke with Level 2 inspectors Lisa Sarver & Jason Carletti - her n FL,to arrange an inspection for an RV I am purchasing and my experience was beyond wonderful. They were highly organized, highly professional and the info on the inspection was sent to me in an easy-to understand electronic manner. The report was thorough, concise, organized in order of importance making this experience SEAMLESS and SIMPLE. My experience was 5*** and I can’t thank them enough!HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!Annika k.
Karen BarnesKaren Barnes
15:06 28 Aug 20
Jason and Lisa began an inspection for us, and after 45 minutes called us directly and explained the major issues with the RV. That was enough for us to make the decision to cancel the rest of the inspection and find another RV. We lived over 600 miles from the dealership and depended on them to help us know if this was our full-time dream. I was so pleased with their integrity and honesty! They did everything when they said they would, had no issues with a partial refund, and they even still did a full report for us with pictures and every detail of what was wrong! My only regret - that we can't use them for the next RV which is way out of their jurisdiction! Wonderful people - hope to meet them someday!
M. JimM. Jim
00:38 21 Aug 20
My RV dealer is located outside of the geographic reach of "My RV Inspection", but that did not stop Jason from taking the time by phone to educate me regarding the pre-delivery inspection process and to refer me to another inspector closer to my location. He patiently answered all my questions as an RV newbie, and demonstrated amply why he and Lisa get so many 5 star reviews. I now wish my dealer was located closer to Tampa so I could contract this team! Thanks, Jason, for your generosity in guiding me on the process for contracting a nearby inspector -- appreciate it very much.
George PerrucGeorge Perruc
19:11 18 Aug 20
Jason and Lisa are AWESOME, if you need an RV inspected anywhere in their region I would highly recommend without hesitation. They spent around 4-5 hours inspecting a 25 foot Class C RV and left no stone unturned. As a result of their professionalism and attention to detail I felt very comfortable in my decision of whether to purchase the RV or not. I did by the way thanks to the amount of information provided in their detailed report. So thank you so much Jason and Lisa it was a doing business with you, you both provide excellent customer service.George & Ciraluz
Rick GrebnerRick Grebner
14:33 10 Aug 20
I am a first time buyer and Jason handled this for me while I was 600 miles away. Thorough report followed buy a detailed verbal explanation. I knew exactly what I was getting and a pretty good idea of immediate costs. I was able to use the report as a checklist and priority list.
Juan ToroJuan Toro
14:07 30 Jul 20
What a great Experience! I will start with my sellers comment “ I wish I knew about this guys when I bought my RV “ . Do not buy used or take ownership of a new RV without doing this process, unless you are a pro . Jason and Lisa are the real deal . Immediate response , fast booking , immediate report . Extremely detailed report . Protects you from buying big trouble and or you end up really knowing all the details of the RV you buy . For me was a great learning process . In our case we bought the RV since owner was very helpful in taking care of the requested items of repair . Thanks Jason and Lisa.
Nathan BradyNathan Brady
21:07 29 Jul 20
Living more than a thousand miles away from the RV were hoping to buy, we needed somebody reliable to check everything out for us beforehand. Jason and Lisa were awesome to worth with, they showed up on time and spent the majority of the day going through every nook and cranny! They send us a very detailed report loaded with not just problems, but recommendations and priorities which helped us put together a list for the dealer to take care of before came down to purchase. Without a doubt, this inspection paid for itself, probably a few times over!Thanks again Jason and Lisa!
Andy YoungAndy Young
15:32 27 Sep 19
Jason and Lisa were excellent. Although the 5th wheel we were purchasing was new we decided to have an inspection after meeting Jason and Lisa at an RV show. They found several items the needed to be fixed before we left the dealership. Great people!
Nate RavidNate Ravid
14:49 23 Sep 19
Lisa and Jason did a FANTASTIC and thorough inspection of our new-to-us RV at LazyDays in Tampa. They spent 4 or 5 HOURS going through the RV inside and out. They found a bunch of items of concern, and provided recommendations for working with LD to get the items addressed. The software they use for the report also provides an easy means of producing a mitigation report. Lisa and Jason also spent about an hour on the phone with us after the inspection to go over the report and gave us their impressions of the vehicle. The PDI team from LD was equally impressed with the quality of their work, and told us that repeatedly. We were provided with a great report, complete with photos, videos and 360's. At the end of the day, we felt 100% more confident in our purchase and felt that the peace of mind was more than worth the investment. Thank you, Lisa and Jason! You guys are incredible!
Terry MoeTerry Moe
10:40 09 Sep 19
The seller did not respond favorably to my request to repair the LP leak and the electrical problem. He said he would lower the price by $500 if we bought the unit as is. This raised red flags as we wondered why he did not want the inspection to be completed with the LP in working order. We decided to not buy the unit. Thanks for your help, it made all the difference.The second RV you inspected for us worked out well. The scheduling was timely and the quality of your work was superb as usual. You identified some issues we needed to address for safety reasons as well as those that would keep the unit from being damaged by the weather.We decided to deal with these issues without bothering the seller knowing that we could work through the items in your report one by one and end up with a safe unit that would not be damaged by the weather without our knowledge. Your services were well worth the cost and no doubt saved us from much trouble and a lot of money.Thank you so very much! Terry
Louis SchislerLouis Schisler
23:44 04 Sep 19
Superb service. Prompt scheduling; meticulous attention to detail during inspection; incredibly detailed 100 page report complete with pictures received same evening of inspection. Inspector Jason was extremely courteous, highly knowledgeable, and a most effective communicator. Report and overall experience way beyond just meeting our expectations. I balked at first on cost of inspection, but after personally dealing with Jason and seeing the report I feel kinda guilty only paying what we did!
Jake CoyleJake Coyle
23:22 12 Jul 19
Jason and Lisa are an amazing team and you absolutely should not purchase an RV without calling them first. I was so impressed with their services when looking to purchase my first RV that I used them again when looking at the second. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. They are extremely thorough and detailed with excellent customer service at the same time which is hard to come by these days. I am a perfectionist and could not be happier with the product that they deliver. Do not look elsewhere! Call them right now!
Jihi BustamanteJihi Bustamante
13:45 28 Jun 19
We had an excellent experience with Lisa and Jason. They inspected our RV before we purchased it from Camping World. The report was extremely thorough. We were able to have the dealer fix a few issues before we purchased based on their report. They were wonderful to work with.
janeen buttjaneen butt
16:36 10 May 19
Lisa and Jason were excellent. I called them last minute and they made it work for me. I was traveling over 1000 miles to look at an RV and with only the 2 days notice they performed the inspection. Very knowledgeable and very professional. With 2 of them working for over 5 hours each I felt they covered everything possible. The RV dealer really liked the report they compiled and agreed to rectify almost everything that they detailed in it. I could not have been happier.
Kim MauroKim Mauro
20:29 30 Apr 19
Jason and Lisa were extraordinary they saved me from buying an RV that had major issues and on my 2nd choice they made me feel at ease. As a 1st time RV shopper they take the time to explain all their findings and make sure that you are comfortable with the knowledge. The report they give you is precise and easy to read and understand while being detailed. I would recommend them to anyone shopping for an RV
Jason AndressJason Andress
12:39 22 Apr 19
Lisa and Jason were wonderful to work with and did a top notch inspection on my new RV purchased from LazyDays. They went over each item they found explaining in detail what it meant. When I had more questions they made themselves available to answer them. Their report software was easy to use to provide a punch list report to the dealer. I would use them again on my next RV purchase.
Aaron RosenbergAaron Rosenberg
20:45 11 Apr 19
Lisa and Jason are incredibly knowledgeable and thorough. In addition they pay close attention to your needs and experience doing a great job of explaining the ins and outs you may not know. They've got tons of great recommendations from their years of experience and make the whole process easier and less scary.
Norman PetersNorman Peters
14:47 15 Mar 19
I purchased a used 2017 Coachman Pursuit 27KB last year. It was relatively new with slightly less than 4000 miles but I Weill want d to hav it inspected prior to purchase. After researching RV inspections and talking with several inspection companies, I came away most impressed with Lisa at My RV Inspection. Lisa waned to make sure I knew what to look for and where there might be issues with a used RV even though I had not yet decided to hire them. She was very helpful and after talking with several other inspectors, I decided to use them. They were able to do the inspection within a short time (less than a week) at a time the current owners were available. She and Jason arrived when they said they would, were very professional during the inspection (according to the current owner). They checked what seems like everything and found several small issues and one that might have been a big issue had I not been made aware of. The major issue addressed an AC unit that was not cooling (ended up needing replacement).There are many inspectors that cost less however, after doing additional research, these other inspectors covered much fewer areas. My RV Inspction cost was in line with other inspectors of the same caliber. I chose them less on cost and more on my impressions after talking and emailing Lisa. I made the right decision.I highly recommend My RV Inspection and would use them again if I were to purchase another RV.Norm
Leslie BartonLeslie Barton
12:33 13 Mar 19
Jason and Lisa were so professional. They checked every aspect of our RV. Which helped us to get the sellers to put on new tires. Which was a huge expense we didn't have to pay. The reports were so informational and complete. Would definitely use them again.
Jason and Lisa are very knowledgeable! I talked to them at a tradeshow and learned a whole lot about why I need my future RV inspected, regardless of new or used. As he correctly said, "you don't know what you don't know" and I don't want to get caught off guard with a bunch or repairs. I was also glad to know they also do Mobile RV repair. I'm looking forward to working with you both when we find our next RV.

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Sample RV Inspection Reports

The Software We Use

     Below are samples of the reports we provide using software called HomeGauge.  Not all RV inspectors use the same software.  Before choosing an RV inspector, ask to see a sample report and ask what features the software includes. 

A Few Features We Offer

     By clicking on the photos, you can increase the size making our reports interactive.  We also include videos to show issues that can’t be shown in photos. Included in the report are 360 degree photos of the interior and chassis.  HomeGauge software also allows you to create punch lists directly from our report for easy negotiations with the seller.  Be sure you ask your RV inspector if they offer these features.

Class A Sample RV Inspection

Fifth Wheel Sample RV Inspection

Master Certified RV Inspectors

Lisa & Jason

Jason and Lisa are full time RVers and operate their small business inspecting RV’s and performing mobile RV repairs. Recently, they have inspected 100’s of brand-new RVs for FEMA disaster relief following Hurricanes Irma and Florence.  On August 1st 2021 they became the first and only NRVIA Master Certified Couple in America.


I have worked as a Technician in various industries most of my life from low voltage electrical to commercial audio visual to installing residential cable and satellite TV. This has always come easily to me. Over the years I learned to troubleshoot most anything whether it was electrical or otherwise.


I am a full time RVer along with my husband, Jason. We started this journey while I was a traveling Certified Surgical Technologist. Having been in healthcare for many years, I decided I needed to make a change and start my own business.

RV Industry Awards

The Only NRVIA Master Certified Couple In America!

NRVIA Service Excellence Award
NRVIA Member Of The Month

Jason NRVIA Member
In 2016, Lisa and I decided to buy an RV and live the full-time lifestyle. She had been a traveling Certified Surgical Tech in the past and we figured I could pick up odd jobs on the road. Our first assignment was in Tyler, TX. and for 3 months all I did was work on the RV and take care of our daily chores. Our second assignment was more of the same in Columbia SC. We then went back to Florida and I went back to my old job (Audio Video Lead Technician) for 3 months. During our trip back to Florida, we came across an ad for the NRVIA. I did my research and contacted several inspectors to ask how it had worked out for them. From that point on I was hooked on the idea that this could be something I could do while we traveled. For our next trip, Lisa decided to go back to Tyler, TX because it was close to the RV jason and lisaTech course I would be attending. After several months of working as an inspector, we decided to send Lisa to the class so we wouldn’t be locked into 3 month assignments and we could travel freely across the country. We now inspect RV’s together and can promote the fact that customers get a set of level 2 trained inspectors inspecting their RV.
Before becoming an RV Inspector, we had only been full-time a little over a year. I had been trying to repair and maintain our own RV. Wow – did the NRVIA open my eyes to all things I had been doing wrong or not doing at all. Now not only can I take care of my own RV, but i have a thriving mobile RV repair business and we also do RV Inspections.
We do own an RV. Our RV is a 2006 Coachman Mirada Class A Gas. When we bought our RV almost 2 years ago we didn’t want to buy something too expensive. We had never tried living in such a small space and wanted to be able to test the waters before buying something newer and more expensive. We never thought about an RV inspection when we purchased our RV and we just happened to get lucky we didn’t get a lemon.

WHAT TYPES OF Inspection Types
Google Adwords (example to the right above) has been our best friend. We also have websites and business cards. I have magnets on the side of my truck which will soon be professionally lettered. We have also bought a 7×16 enclosed trailer that will be lettered. The magnets paid for themselves about 15 minutes after  put them on my vehicle. Being in RV parks all the time, the neighbors see the vehicle and come right to you.
My most memorable experience, without a doubt, was helping Hurricane Imra victims. the stories will stay with me forever. We spent nearly 3 months inspecting brand new RV’s that FEMA was providing as temporary homes. It opened my eyes to the fact that even most new RV’s come with problems that should be resolved before someone buys one. It was a great honor to be chosen to go down there and help.
If you are considering becoming an RV inspector, the best advice I can give you is to contact several inspectors. If you are someone who just wants to do a couple inspections a month, there are inspectors out there just like you and can explain how that works. If you want to make this a full-time job, it can be done, and many inspectors do it. Just ask questions. Most inspectors will share their experience with you. This is not a turn key business. You have to work at it. If you love the lifestyle and helping others, it isn’t really work. If you take the class be sure to listen to Coop, Steve, and Howard They are very smart men who give you a wealth of information. All you have to do is listen, learn and apply what they teach you. Meeting and learning from them has been one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. Thank you for everything gentlemen!
The NRVIA has so many tools available to the membership that it makes the journey easy. The leads generated by the NRVIA are invaluable. They do so much work marketing that their website is highly ranked in the search engines. The training they offer after becoming an inspector is also invaluable. The industry is constantly changing an we, as inspectors, need to keep up with it. When I was in the Florida Keys, I got to see how hard Stephanie works in the background, with multiple computer screens and printers, She deserves a lot of credit for the success we enjoy.

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