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After The Dealer’s PDI Theres No Way Water Can Get Inside My RV Walls.

Check out this brand new RV with open holes on the sidewall and an unsealed window. Hello everyone. It’s Jason again with my RV resource dot. It’s like the yellow pages for RV service providers. I’m also here with my RV inspection, doing an RV inspection. And today I’m gonna give you your weekly one reason to get an RV inspection. So today I’m inspecting a brand new 2023 RV. Um, and yesterday I inspected an, an identical, uh, 2023 RV. Uh, it’s a couple of friends that bought exactly the same RV. They both came in at the same time and they both wanted inspections. So they both contacted me. Um, real quick, we’re gonna flip this show you the VIN number, data plate show. When this thing was built right there, you can see. Came offline in April, 2022. These two RVs have the exact same issue. They’ve got a couple of the same issues and they’ve got a good bit of issues, but, um, I wanna show you this one because it’s just ridiculous. So let me go up this ladder. And see what I got to show you. So if we look right there, that is a hole in the side wall where the wiring for the awning is coming through. See if we can get a good look at it. There you go. No sealant. What’s that mean water can go right inside the wall of your RV. Then I’m gonna show you another thing. That’s real close to this. Hopefully we can see it and hold this and use my finger. So this is the back frame of the window. And you notice it’s separated from the wall by a good, eh, quarter of an inch. So water can get right in behind that, uh, that window sealant on issues. Folks, RVs aren’t made to last forever, but you at least get a good start. So today’s weekly. One reason to get an RV inspection is a brand new 2023 RV. Two of ’em actually, I did the exact same one yesterday. I’ll put the picture right here just to show you. And, uh, they both have holes in the side wall where wires come out, no ceiling, this particular. Also has window frames that aren’t sealed to the side of the wall with sealant water gets in those side walls it’s over. So that’s your weekly one reason don’t forget about my RV resource.com. It’s like the yellow pages for RV service providers. You need a certified inspector. You need a mobile technician, you need a repair shop storage. Uh, there’s all kinds of stuff on there, folks. So make sure you check it out and. Make sure you get your RV inspected. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, we do have a nice day.

The New RV I’m Buying Was Inspected By The Dealership, Theres No Water Leaks.

Check out one of the water leaks found during an RV inspection on this brand new RV. Hello everyone. It’s Jason with my RV resource again. And today I’m coming to you with my weekly, one reason to get an RV inspection today, we’re inspecting another brand new RV 2022 year model. Uh, today is, uh, May 26th. And we’re gonna go check that bin out for you real quick, just to show you that. This is a brand new RV. All righty. So this is a super C and I swear. And just to show you there. Three of 22 was when this was built. So brand new RV. Once again, we just keep finding things, folks. It’s what happens. All right back into the RV. Now I just got done running the shower. For about five minutes. Um, how many people actually run their shower before they buy an RV? You should be. And here is your weekly one reason. See all that water on the floor, folks. Coming from the shower, So this customers supposed to take delivery of this RV today. That was her plan. Have me inspect it. Everything was gonna work fine. And she was gonna drive outta here with it today. Now probably. I have found 40 or so issues with this RV, uh, retail on it is somewhere in the two 60 S she’s paying somewhere in the two twenties and there’s a water leak and she’s supposed to pick it up today. Matter of fact, that’s not the only water leak in this RV I found. So if you’re not checking for water leaks on your brand new RV, You could drive off the dealership and then have to deal with that. Once again, that water leak is under the shower, not an easy place to get to it. So once again, this is Jason with my RV resource dot coms, like the yellow pages for RV services. Any, anything you need? Go find them. You need a mobile tech, you need a repair shop. You need an RV inspector. If you’re buying an RV new or used, you need an RV inspector. You might not realize it, but you do. So that’s my weekly one reason. And, uh, y’all have a nice day.

Jason NRVIA Member
In 2016, Lisa and I decided to buy an RV and live the full-time lifestyle. She had been a traveling Certified Surgical Tech in the past and we figured I could pick up odd jobs on the road. Our first assignment was in Tyler, TX. and for 3 months all I did was work on the RV and take care of our daily chores. Our second assignment was more of the same in Columbia SC. We then went back to Florida and I went back to my old job (Audio Video Lead Technician) for 3 months. During our trip back to Florida, we came across an ad for the NRVIA. I did my research and contacted several inspectors to ask how it had worked out for them. From that point on I was hooked on the idea that this could be something I could do while we traveled. For our next trip, Lisa decided to go back to Tyler, TX because it was close to the RV jason and lisaTech course I would be attending. After several months of working as an inspector, we decided to send Lisa to the class so we wouldn’t be locked into 3 month assignments and we could travel freely across the country. We now inspect RV’s together and can promote the fact that customers get a set of level 2 trained inspectors inspecting their RV.
Before becoming an RV Inspector, we had only been full-time a little over a year. I had been trying to repair and maintain our own RV. Wow – did the NRVIA open my eyes to all things I had been doing wrong or not doing at all. Now not only can I take care of my own RV, but i have a thriving mobile RV repair business and we also do RV Inspections.
We do own an RV. Our RV is a 2006 Coachman Mirada Class A Gas. When we bought our RV almost 2 years ago we didn’t want to buy something too expensive. We had never tried living in such a small space and wanted to be able to test the waters before buying something newer and more expensive. We never thought about an RV inspection when we purchased our RV and we just happened to get lucky we didn’t get a lemon.

WHAT TYPES OF Inspection Types
Google Adwords (example to the right above) has been our best friend. We also have websites and business cards. I have magnets on the side of my truck which will soon be professionally lettered. We have also bought a 7×16 enclosed trailer that will be lettered. The magnets paid for themselves about 15 minutes after  put them on my vehicle. Being in RV parks all the time, the neighbors see the vehicle and come right to you.
My most memorable experience, without a doubt, was helping Hurricane Imra victims. the stories will stay with me forever. We spent nearly 3 months inspecting brand new RV’s that FEMA was providing as temporary homes. It opened my eyes to the fact that even most new RV’s come with problems that should be resolved before someone buys one. It was a great honor to be chosen to go down there and help.
If you are considering becoming an RV inspector, the best advice I can give you is to contact several inspectors. If you are someone who just wants to do a couple inspections a month, there are inspectors out there just like you and can explain how that works. If you want to make this a full-time job, it can be done, and many inspectors do it. Just ask questions. Most inspectors will share their experience with you. This is not a turn key business. You have to work at it. If you love the lifestyle and helping others, it isn’t really work. If you take the class be sure to listen to Coop, Steve, and Howard They are very smart men who give you a wealth of information. All you have to do is listen, learn and apply what they teach you. Meeting and learning from them has been one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. Thank you for everything gentlemen!
The NRVIA has so many tools available to the membership that it makes the journey easy. The leads generated by the NRVIA are invaluable. They do so much work marketing that their website is highly ranked in the search engines. The training they offer after becoming an inspector is also invaluable. The industry is constantly changing an we, as inspectors, need to keep up with it. When I was in the Florida Keys, I got to see how hard Stephanie works in the background, with multiple computer screens and printers, She deserves a lot of credit for the success we enjoy.

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